Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy: 
No, those aren't tiny fish bowls.

What is Cupping Therapy and how does it work?

Cupping therapy is a valuable treatment method used in traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional cupping therapy involves creating a vacuum-suction (aka negative pressure therapy) in a glass cup—that somewhat resembles a miniature fish bowl.

The practitioner skillfully inserts an ignited cotton ball soaked in alcohol, swirling it quickly around the inside of the cup to create the vacuum by removing oxygen in the cup and places them on targeted areas on the skin.

The cups are placed directly over regions of the body and can extend past the site to help the skilled practitioner visibly to assess the extent of the pathology. This can be vital in cupping therapy not only as a treatment method but a diagnostic method as well.

The negative pressure created is used for:

  • Increasing circulation and blood flow

  • Assisting in lymphatic drainage

  • Mobilizing soft tissue and proper joint functions

  • Breaking up myofascial adhesions

  • Promoting wound healing

  • Increasing fat metabolism to targeted areas

What can cupping do for you?

  • Reduce and/or ameliorate pain

  • Manage allergies

  • Manage many dermatological diseases

  • Eliminate symptoms of the common cold

  • Assist in reducing febrile diseases (fever)

  • Reduce and regulate swelling and edema

  • Increase range of motion (ROM)

  • Accelerate post-surgical healing and wound healing

  • Expedite healing from traumatic injuries/sports injuries

  • Assist with acute paralysis

  • Optimize a compromised immune system

  • Reinforce body contouring/body sculpting to targeted areas

Often, at Pacific Bridge Wellness, I use cupping therapy for those that tend to be fearful of needles or in conjunction with acupuncture, heat therapy, and other modalities under the full-scope of traditional Chinese medicine.

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